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Cortina Creations

Mix & Match Sample Batch

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Enhance any room's atmosphere with our Mix & Match Sample Batch. This batch includes all-natural wax melts infused with fragrant florals and decorated with stunning dried flower embeds. Enjoy the benefits of a beautifully scented and aesthetically pleasing home.


Neroli and White Jasmine : White Jasmine flower

Scent: Green Leaves, Citrus, PetitgrainNeroli, Jasmine, Orange Blossom & Patchouli

Citrus Blossom: Orange Lillies

Scent: Bergamot, PetitgrainNeroli, Orange Blossom, Jasmine & Sandalwood

Delphinium Dream : Blue Delphinium flower

Lavender: Lavender Flowers
Scent: Lavender