Our Story...Cortina Creations

My Name is Jennifer Cortina, I'm the owner of Cortina Creations along side my husband Ivan Cortina and our 4 children.

                                     Cortina Family

PS: These are my greatest supporters family. I'm the one alllllll the way in the back. 


Here is a little back story to The Who, The What, The Where and the When of how we got here to selling you our handcrafted Products. 


Let's start with The Who. That Who would be "Me" I've always had a passion for candles, and adding fragrance to my home, wait there's more lol. I wanted to understand why( Here is the why and what ya'll) some candles I purchased were so great and why others disappointed so much! I couldn't figure it so I started reading and reading and became more and more curious with the entire process. The more I read the more questions I had and the more I kept thinking, " I wondering if I can make my own candles?". A little over 2 year ago, I told my husband I would love to try to make candles but am not sure if I can, I've read too much at this point lol. His exact words were" Go for it babe, you love candles who knows maybe you are great at it". That's all I needed, before I knew it I came across several channels and conversation around candle making. I was taken! Not a minute later ( the When :) ) I had an order confirmation to my first first batch of Soy Wax, Jars, wicks, stickers and Fragrance oil. I knew it was going to be a  long testing journey but I was so ready just to get my hands on the wax, I don't think I slept that night thinking which fragrance oil I would use first lol.

Let's fast forward here, after months of testing on my own (I still test when I add a new FO or limited edition jars ) Then, I started sharing with family ( kids do you smell that from there? lol )  and friends ( Don't think they knew they were my guinea pigs at the time, thanks again guys). I collected all the feedback, pictures and thoughts along with my own and was finally able to find my right place in making our Soy Candles with non toxic fragrance oils. Then I commenced on making these as a hobby spreading the words getting the support. After several rounds of making candles and sharing I was feeling more and more encouraged the feedback from family was great then it moved to family friends who smelled our products and loved it and started to share with thier friends ( Guys, I was in cloud nine). This is my niche. I find a sense of peace and accomplishment in making our candles.

Then Late one night, my amazing hubby said " Do you see yourself making candles not just as a hobby but to sell, like a business" and that made my heart skip a beat!! " Yes, I do... I love it" was my response. Another journey research ing, reaching to our professionals ( all the not so great but necessary things) to legalize OUR BUSINESS and open our own online store. :) That about all I got on our story :) just a ton of passion drive motivation to reach our goals doing what I love! And now you will help me continue to write out my journey, Thank you!